Robmax Enterprise Co.

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We provide continuos premium and cost-efficient services.

We Provide Best Delivery around the world.

We are committed to provide added-value services to our clients.

About Our Company

Robmax Enterprise is committed to provide premium and cost-efficient services, providing a competitive advantage in markets around the globe. We strongly believe in business transparency and ethical behavior practices, and in building long term trust-based relationships with our clients, partners and suppliers. The relative small size of the organization allows for agility and flexibility in satisfying client needs and providing tailor-made services for specific supply areas. We encourage and support our employees to do continuous training programs in order to build the best career path possible to achieve their prospects and motivations.

We are highly responsible when it comes to the safe handling of oil products respecting the strictest international safety standards. We continue to build upon our reputation as an industry leader, utilizing emerging technology as part of our long- term strategy. With the increased ability to obtain information at the well site and provide critical data we can make a positive impact on our performance. Safety is paramount with our management team. Our objective is to have a flawless safety record, therefore our efforts in this area are relentless. Due to intense training, vigilant senior management involvement and daily supervision, our safety record is second to none.

Our greatest asset is our talented dedicated employees who hold the highest personal and professional values. Our seasoned team is the core of our success and their dedication continues to develop the Ward Williston legacy through innovation, technological advancement and good old hard work.

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